Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How long will it take to build my deck?
    • Timelines vary based on size and complexity, but typically, once started, a standard deck takes anywhere from a day or two, all the way up to a week or two. We strive to complete all projects in a timely manner, with quality at the front of our minds throughout.
  2. How much will it cost to build a deck?
    • Costs depend on materials, size, and features. We provide detailed estimates after an initial assessment.
  3. What kind of materials do you use?
    • We offer a range of materials, including wood (pressure treated or cedar), composites, and more.
  4. Do I need a permit to build a deck?
    • Permit requirements vary by project in the City of Edmonton, and are not always needed. We can guide you through the process or handle permitting for you.
  5. How long will my deck last?
    • With proper maintenance, wood decks can last 10-15 years, while composite decks can last 25 years or more.
  6. How do I maintain my deck?
    • Regular cleaning and periodic sealing or staining will prolong your deck’s lifespan.
  7. Is there a warranty on your work?
    • Yes, we offer a warranty on both materials and workmanship. Details vary based on the project.
  8. What’s the difference between composite and wood decking?
    • Composite is more durable and requires less maintenance, while wood offers a natural look but needs regular upkeep.
  9. Can you build during winter?
    • Weather conditions during Edmonton winters brings many outdoor residential projects to a stand-still. Costs spiral out of control as the ground and materials we work with, freeze.
  10. Do you offer design services?
    • Yes, we have in-house designers to help create the perfect deck for your space.
  11. How much weight can my deck support?
    • Standard decks in Edmonton are built to support about 244 kilograms per square meter (50 pounds per square foot), but can be reinforced if needed.
  12. Can I add a hot tub or built-in barbecue to my deck?
    • Absolutely! We can ensure your deck is structurally sound to support such features.
  13. Do you provide repair and restoration services?
    • Yes, we handle repairs, restorations, and rebuilds.
  14. What safety features do you incorporate?
    • We adhere to all safety codes and can add features like railings, gates, and lighting.
  15. How soon can you start my project?
    • Our start date depends on our current schedule, but we aim to commence work as soon as possible.
  16. Do I need to be home during construction?
    • Not necessarily, but we’ll coordinate with you to ensure smooth progress.
  17. What payment methods do you accept?
    • We accept electronic funds transfers (Email transfers, directly from your bank to ours), only.
  18. How do you handle drainage and water runoff?
    • Proper grading and drainage solutions are integrated to prevent water-related issues.
  19. Can you work with irregular or sloped yards?
    • Yes, we have experience with all types of terrains and can design decks to fit unique spaces.
  20. Can I choose the type of railing or finishes?
    • Absolutely! We offer a variety of styles and finishes to match your vision.